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Wannado. How iPhone Apps Can Help With Networking.

Dave Delaney

Steven BuhrmanI first met Steven Buhrman from my work with the popular Nashville business accelerator, Jumpstart Foundry. He has been tirelessly working for the last year on his events app, Wannado. I finally got to give Wannado a test drive recently and I'm very impressed. This blog is all about the intersection between traditional business networking and how technology enhances our efforts in building relationships.

Steven has built a wonderful app, Wannado, to help us find local events to meet new people and to grow our business networks.

D. Who are you what do you do?

S. My name is Steven Buhrman. Like many Nashvillians, I'm a proud transplant. I moved here from Northern California about a year and a half ago and quickly found a home in Nashville's growing tech & start-up scene. Since moving here, I've been working with folks throughout the community to create Wannado.

Wannado AppD. What is Wannado?

S. Wannado is an iPhone app that let's us discover Nashville's best events and experiences from the vantage of our personal interests.  Kind of like "Pandora" or "Spotify" but for local happenings.  The app lets us tune in to the stuff we care about, and tune out the rest.  It's also a streamlined way to keep up with what local guides and Facebook friends "wannado". The goal is to end the days of saying, "I wish I knew about that", whether that's a live show, a chance to do good in the community, or a career opportunity.

The key is to leverage the power of mobile technology to feed real world relationships and create new opportunities for ourselves.

D. How does it improve business networking objectives?

S. Wannado's "Work & Network" channels allow us to tune into the local business networking events that matter to us personally. So for instance, I'm a tech entrepreneur, so Wannado feeds me recommendations for all the start-up, geek & techie events in Nashville.  I also use Wannado to follow local tech gurus like Mark Montgomery, Chris McIntyre, Marcus Whitney...and yes, even Dave Delaney! So I'll never miss another Geek Breakfast or Nashcocktail because I didn't know about it...

D. In your opinion, how do mobile applications in general help networking?

S. Our lives are more mobile and transient than ever, so I think the key is to leverage the power of mobile technology to feed real world relationships and create new opportunities for ourselves.  I'm a bit idealistic on this point, because I believe that opportunity is everywhere.  The problem is we can't always see it because the marketplace is crowded and events are fleeting. Mobile apps can help us capture these moments and make the most of them.  That's our mission at Wannado - to make opportunities visible to the right people at the right time.

D. Which other apps would you recommend a savvy networking person use?

S. I'm a big fan of "Sparrow" which is basically a $1.99 upgrade for your native iOS Email app.  I also recommend "Alfred" as a super smart way to browse local bars and restaurants based on your interests.

Thanks Steven.

Now it's your turn

Which apps do you use to enhance your networking efforts?