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How to Keep Track of Networking Efforts

Dave Delaney

Keeping track of your networking Popular professional networker, Ivan Meisner, knows a thing or two about networking. Meisner really is an expert on the topic. Recently. Misner wrote a thought-provoking article in Entrepreneur entitled, How a Networking System Can Help Save Time -- And Get More Results.

In a survey I conducted of 12,000 people, most of the respondents who credit networking for some of their success said they maintain a system for measuring the dollar value of their networking activity. Conversely, most of the respondents who said that networking played no role in their success had no system for tracking any monetary gains from their participation in networking groups.

Misner includes items to track when networking:

  • The organizations you belong to and the results you are getting from them.
  • The time you spend networking and working your network.
  • The amount of money you’ve made from networking.
  • The people who are sending you referrals and how much of your income they’re responsible for.

I use a simple Excel spreadsheet to keep track of conversations and the people that I meet. I use Google Calendar to set reminders to follow up. In Gmail I use the star feature, so I can keep track of my most important emails to reply to. I have also started using the Re.minder app, a tip from my interview with Julien Smith.

Misner's original survey included these questions. They are worth considering.

  • Do you track the business you get from networking?
  • Do you have a systematic approach to following up with people?
  • Do you have a systematic approach to staying in contact with people?
  • Do you have a system to track the money you make?

How do you keep track of your networking efforts? Do you keep track at all? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.