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Stop Blasting People

Dave Delaney

We need to send an email blast to try to sell more of these widgets. Let's blast them now!

It irks me every time I hear a marketer refer to blasting their customers. I picture a violent scene from a movie, as the hero or villain shotgun blasts their way out of a jam. Shotguns are made to create as much damage as possible. You don't want to damage your email subscribers, right?

I looked up blast to see some definitions and here's what I found...

Definitions of "blast"

a destructive wave of highly compressed air spreading outward from an explosion: they were thrown backward by the blast.

• an explosion or explosive firing, especially of a bomb: a bomb blast | a shotgun blast.

• a forceful attack or assault: he defeated his weakest opponent in such a blast that the fans left unimpressed.

a strong gust of wind or air: the icy blast hit them.

• a strong current of air used in smelting.

a single loud note of a horn, whistle, or other noisemaking device: a blast of the ship's siren.

Does any of this blasting sound enjoyable?

Let's stop blasting the people who are kind enough to subscribe to our email newsletters. Instead, call it "sending them an email newsletter". An email newsletter sounds kind and carefully considered. A blast sounds likes a coupon, something spammy, or worse, an actual shotgun being fired.