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5 Tips for a Better Business Card

Dave Delaney


In my book, New Business Networking, I put a lot of emphasis on the importance of business cards. I stress that you should not be the person at the party handing out cards like a Las Vegas dealer. However, you should have them readily available when the opportunity arises to exchange your contact information.

Business cards are not just for people gainfully employed. Use them when you are between jobs or to promote your personal blog or hobby. The following are my five tips for better business cards. I get my cards inexpensively from VistaPrint if you are interested.

5 Tips for a Better Business Card

  1. Use a photo of yourself. Be memorable by adding a headshot to your business card.
  2. Include several points of contact. Don't just use a phone number. Include a couple of different ways a person can get in touch with you.
  3. Leave white space. Save a little white space, so a new contact can add a note about who you are and how you met.
  4. Include your URL. Where can people go to learn more about you? I recommend buying if you can get it. Then redirect the domain to your blog, business site, LinkedIn profile, or a personal landing page. Use a free service like About.Me or Flavors.Me to create your own personal landing page.
  5. Be creative, but remember who you will be handing your card to. They may not be ready to play it on a music box or carry around concrete, although I love these ideas.

What is the most creative business card that you have seen?

SNiRL Social Networking in Real Life

Dave Delaney

Photo by: Philip GrahamI recently had the honor of presenting my SNiRL presentation at three incredible events. Each version was slightly different to fit the conference, and the feedback I received was very encouraging. Thanks to Bryan Allain from Killer Tribes, Jason Falls from Explore Nashville, and from everyone at PodCamp Nashville. In SNiRL, I spoke about how I was networking without knowing I was networking from a very early age online. Years later, I learned what business networking was all about - a two-way street.

Networking once had negative connotations associated with it. Working a room at a networking event like a used car salesman, rapidly handing out and collecting business cards is lame. The truth about networking is that it takes time.

Help Others

You must find ways to help others in your network long before you ask your network for help. Perhaps you will never have to ask for help, but it's crucial that you are finding ways to help others along the way.

Do this today. Check your email, and find your daily LinkedIn update message. Is there someone there who could use a hand? Log in to Facebook (assuming you weren't already logged in), and look at who is celebrating a birthday today. Did you wish them a happy birthday? Perhaps you should think about ways you could do them a favor for their big day.

Go do this now. I'll be here when you get back.

Photo by: Philip Graham