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Why LinkedIn's acquisition of is important

Dave Delaney

LinkedIn pays $1.5B for online educator in its biggest acquisition yetIt was hard to miss the news today. LinkedIn has acquired, the online education website. The 1.5 billion dollar purchase is LinkedIn's largest acquisition to date. It's also an important one for the future of the company. Ryan Roslansky, head of content at LinkedIn explained in a blog post, "Imagine being a job seeker and being able to instantly know what skills are needed for the available jobs in a desired city, like Denver, and then to be prompted to take the relevant and accredited course to help you acquire this skill. Or doing a search on SlideShare to learn about integrated marketing and then to be prompted with a course on the same subject."

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, explains that LinkedIn will develop the world's first economic graph. They have already started, you may recall my previous blog post about findings on global recruiting efforts.

Weiner went on to explain that LinkedIn will digitally map the global economy with profiles for every member of the global workforce. They will have a profile for every company in the world and a digital representation of every job and skill needed for those companies.

Now is the time to be sure your company page and executive profiles are to date. Your staff need to know exactly how to use LinkedIn and I will help you with this.

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Recruiting Tech Talent in Nashville? Read This!

Dave Delaney

Nashville Technology Map I previously wrote a post showing how LinkedIn's Economic Graph revealed the top skills in Nashville professionals.

In August 2014, LinkedIn shared the top ten cities attracting LinkedIn members with technology talent. The results are:

  1. Bangalore, India
  2. Pune, India
  3. Hyderabad, India
  4. Chennai, India
  5. San Francisco Bay Area, United States
  6. Seattle, United States
  7. Austin, United States
  8. Melbourne, Australia
  9. Sydney, Australia
  10. Gurgaon, India

LinkedIn also found the top ten cities that attracted the smallest percentage of tech talent. Unfortunately, Nashville made the list as the third least popular city to attract technology talent. The full list is as follows:

  1. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, United States
  2. Paris, France
  3. Nashville, United States
  4. Cleveland/Akron, United States
  5. Las Vegas, United States
  6. New Delhi, India
  7. Madrid, Spain
  8. St. Louis, United States
  9. Washington D.C. Metro, United States
  10. Mumbai, India

The good news is organizations like the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Technology Council and Nashville Entrepreneur Center are all doing excellent work promoting the great people and companies in Music City.

Remember, LinkedIn's findings were from August 2014. I would bet we are in much better shape this year. How do you think we are doing recruiting talent to Nashville? Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

How does your city shape up?