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How a Red Ball Grew a Network

Dave Delaney

Guest post by David Dutton. I have a rule that I am going to ask you to follow – it's for your benefit. DO NOT network with someone for the sake of networking with them. Only network with people who you feel are congruent with your beliefs and that you like. I know it sounds basic but I have to say it, because people don't always follow it.

Here is One Highly Successful Case Study of Networking In Action

David Dutton Red BallHow a little red ball led to me writing sales copy for the worlds strongest man and a $12,000 consulting project.

In 2007, I saw a product on Good Morning America called SendABall. It is a company that let's you put a personal message on any color ball and they mail it out as is. No box or anything. People don't realize you can mail just about anything.

I wanted to get the attention of a big marketer named David Frey. We are friends now but at the time, he just knew who I was.

I mailed him the little red ball with a message on it. He was blown away. So blown away he shot a video newsletter about it and sent it out to 50,000 subscribers! He also ended up writing about it in a national magazine article. I received instant subscribers and emails from people.

A few days later, I got a call from another big marketer in the marketing world. This guy is a well known name in the space. He said any friend of David Frey's is a friend of mine.

Anyone can do this

Soon after, a guy called and said he was referred by the big named marketer. He needed sales copy written for his personal training client, the world's strongest man, Phil Pfister. They were creating a DVD program.

Maybe a month later, the big marketer calls me again and asks me if I would be interested in a project he needed some help on. Long story short, he paid me $12,000 for the project.

Now I get hired because of my past gigs from these relationships, so the money I have made continues to grow. This is all from a $19 red ball that I used to get someone's attention and further a relationship. Anyone can do this.