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The Best of New Networking 2012

Dave Delaney

It is shocking to believe that when we awake tomorrow it will be a new year. 2012 has raced by for many of us. I know it has for me. This year I successfully launched Delaney Digital Marketing Consulting to help clients with their digital marketing needs, and it has been a refreshing change of pace that I have enjoyed. 2013 holds great things in store for you. At times you may hit walls and feel that you are stuck, I get this way too. Always know that things will get better and our experiences only make us smarter and stronger. This year will be your best one yet!

I am thankful for your support of New Networking. I especially want to thank those who offered to contribute a post or two: Scott Jones, Carla Swank, Danielle Rossi, John Quale, Britt Raybould, Christina Hug, and David Dutton. If you would like to contribute here, please let me know. I want to use New Networking as a place where we share our networking stories and tips together.

The following are the twelve top articles from 2012. Enjoy them and expect more great content here in 2013.

  1. We All Need a Safety Net
  2. How to Manage Twitter
  3. There is No Such Things as Luck. An interview with Saul Colt.
  4. 13 Networking Tips for Conferences
  5. How a Cup of Coffee Can Land You Your Next Job (or client)
  6. How an Introvert Can Network Without Going Crazy
  7. They Believe in Your Potential
  8. An Interview with author, Julien Smith
  9. 5 Tips to Start Networking Today
  10. Amazing Things Will Happen. An interview with author, C.C. Chapman.
  11. 5 Ways to Listen Better
  12. How Your Personal Brand Helps Networking. An interview with author, John Morgan.

Have a Happy New Year! Thank you for being here.

Photo from Flickr by: AnaChristina_