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42 Productivity Tips and Apps from PodCamp Nashville

Dave Delaney

Photo by: Emily SandfordI had the good fortune of opening PodCamp Nashville today with a session entitled, Naked Productivity. I'll show you mine if you show me yoursHere is how I described the session on the PodCamp Nashville site.

A roundtable discussion for all attendees to show and tell their best productivity tips, apps, techniques, hacks, and tools.

We all get overwhelmed staying on task each day. I should be doing three other things as I write this description. Naked Productivity will be an easy way for all attendees to contribute to the session.

This isn't a canned presentation. It's an opportunity for all of us to share the best ways we stay productive. Attendees will come away with a head full of new ideas to improving the way we focus on the daily To Do's and life hacks.

The purpose of the session was for all of us to learn from one another. The session was a huge success thanks to the amazing people who attended. As I mentioned afterward, it would have sucked if I had an empty room, or worse, a dead crowd. If you were present thank you for being there.

42 Productivity Tips and Apps from PodCamp Nashville

I encouraged friends on Twitter to also chime in with their favorite productivity apps and tips using the hashtag #PCN13Naked. You can see all of the tweets at the end of this post.

The following is a list of items mentioned during the presentation. Here are 42 productivity tips and apps to help you gain control of your life:

  1. Create a work week and a physical environment where your kids understand that you are working.
  2. To Do Lists: Writing a physical list and the satisfaction of striking items off of it.
  3. Write your list the night before.
  4. Break each item down into smaller chunks.
  5. Clear - Realmac Software
  6. Asana for project management
  7. Trello for project management, because it has a better overall dashboard
  8. Evernote
  9. Sabina Nawaz’s This Space Intentionally Left White
  10. Use driving time to drive in silence and record audio notes to yourself.
  11. Reqall is a To Do list app that you can phone. Transcriptions come from your messages.
  12. Soundcloud. You can record and leave yourself private messages.
  13. Bernie Goldbach's battle with attention crash.
  14. Use a $5.00 glass screen window on your office wall as a whiteboard.
  15. Use colors to indicate what's what. Green = money. Red = urgent.
  16. Use your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker
  17. Producteeve ties into your email. You can email yourself to do list items.
  18. Wunderlist for lists
  19. Alfred app will interface with other applications and pass data from them.
  20. Fantastical - you can speak your calendar events and it will add them. It syncs with iOS calendar as well
  21. Boomerang for Gmail to push old messages back to the top of your inbox later.
  22. ActionMethod for creative thinkers.
  23. Michael Hyatt's "My Ideal Day" spreadsheet
  24. Use a week long spreadsheet with numbers of tasks to do each. Keep a tally.
  25. Pinterest: download daily tasks sheet.
  26. Drink lots of water!
  27. Howler countdown timer (Mac)
  28. Use iPhone timer
  29. Pomodorro Technique (mentioned in three sessions during PodCamp)
  30. Chronos time tracking app.
  31. Sunrise app works with Google Calendar and hooks you into Facebook and G+
  32. Paper calendars work too!
  33. iCal with multiple calendars. 1 calendar dedicated to different tasks. Use the calendars to log your work to track and search later.
  34. Freshbooks for invoicing
  35. Track your time you do for each job using Office Time software.
  36. Billings Touch app for invoicing and tracking your work
  37. Don't forget about your life goals.
  38. What good tools (Apollo) are one-in-all solution?
  39. RescueTime tracks time spend on your computer by what software or social networking you are using.
  40. Zapier plugs into service APIs. It's like Alfred.
  41. Follow up with people you meet. Record audio notes from your meetings.
  42. CardMunch app for scanning cards with LinkedIn.

Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite productivity tips and apps please. Thanks again to the volunteers, organizers, sponsors, and attendees or PodCamp Nashville. Today was a HUGE success!

Photo by Emily Sandford.