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Interview with the Nashville Business Journal

Dave Delaney

How a Toronto stranger became a Nashville name to knowI was recently interviewed for the Nashville Business Journal. The story is in part about me (a Toronto native) and how I used networking to land on my feet in Nashville. In fact, I share these stories in great detail in my book, New Business Networking. You can read the full article, How a Toronto stranger became a Nashville name to know, on the Nashville Business Journal site. Here are some takeaways the excellent writer, Jamie McGee, shared at the end of  her story.

1. Build your network online and offline before you need it: When you are looking for a new opportunity, you will already have a depth of people to reach out to and an established online profile. 2. Networking is a two-way street: Don't just think about how others can help you; think of it as how to help other people. It usually comes back with benefits later on. 3. Follow up and follow through: Opportunities are found in meeting with other people, but also in staying in touch. If you don't follow up on suggestions or keep in contact, it's a missed opportunity. Delaney recommends Gmail's Boomerang to help with this. 4. Remember names: We all know that terrible feeling of having met someone and drawing a blank the next time we see them, or worse, need to introduce them to someone else. Make a habit of saying their name when you first meet them or use word association tricks that will help you recall a name at a later time. 5. Take notes post meeting: Delaney said he sometimes records notes while he is driving away from a meeting that he can quickly reference in advance of follow-up meetings. He also recommends taking notes on the contact's business card after a meeting that will help in future meetings.

Thanks to Jamie and the Nashville Business Journal.