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How I'm Dealing With Email

Dave Delaney

My head has been spinning lately. I’ve been working my tail off, but often feel like I’m chasing it. I realize that social media and email can leave you feeling overwhelmed... it leaves me overwhelmed too. I've decided to spend the next couple of weeks retooling. I want to share my plan with you here. Are you in?

First up is email. It's a big distraction and cause of stress when I know my inbox is overflowing.

Here's my plan...

Try this for yourself and let me know how it goes.

‌• Check and reply to email twice a day on desktop. Once from 8 - 8:30 am and once from 5 - 5:30 pm. Go to bed each night knowing my email is in good shape. Dream of inbox Zzzzero.

‌• Use Contactually as my first stop to email people, so I can track my interactions better, keep in touch, and close more sales (my family needs to eat). There's a free trial here, I'm also an affiliate.

‌• Use to unsubscribe or create digests of the newsletters I have subscribed to (or have been subscribed to… I’m talking to you spammers).

‌• Check my email on mobile occasionally throughout the day when I am away from my office.

‌• Turn off (almost) all notifications on my iPhone. I kept some weather alerts, Sunrise calendar reminders, Phone, Waze for traffic alerts, and WhatsApp and Skype for calls from my family.

‌• Switch my phone to Do Not Disturb mode when I am replying to emails on my desktop. I will only receive calls from Heather or my parents during these times.

‌• Use Baydin's Boomerang to schedule emails to return to my inbox to remind me when a person hasn't replied. It's perfect for following up on proposals.

So this is my email plan moving forward. I hope it inspires you to get a better grasp on your inbox too. I'll be sharing my plans for social networks in upcoming messages first with my email newsletter subscribers.

What tips do you have for handling an unruly inbox? Leave a comment with your favorites please.