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Levi Kennedy used Twitter to Get a Job

Dave Delaney

Levi KennedyHere is a short interview with Levi Kennedy, who found a job online by researching his local market and using Twitter to network. Remember that it took him a lunch to end up getting hired. Always be ready to meet in real life. It works for Facebook too. ;) D. Who are you and what do you do?

L. My name is Levi Kennedy, and I'm a software engineer. I currently work at a healthcare startup in Nashville.

D. You got your job from connecting on Twitter. How did this happen? What's the story?

L. I was in the market for a new job late September of 2010. I remembered that a local startup, Carl Says, had written their app in ruby, and so I DMed one of the co-founders, Matt Mueller, on Twitter to see if they were hiring. They weren't, but a few of them worked at another startup that was. I scheduled a lunch with Matt, and the rest is history!

D. What are your thoughts on developing online relationships and then meeting in real life?

L. I'm all for it. I've been making friends online since the 90s and have met up with a lot of them.

D. Thanks Levi. Where can people find you online?

L.Twitter: @levicole

How about you? 

Have you used Twitter to find a job, or Facebook to find your soul mate?

How Courtenay Rogers Used Twitter to Find a Job

Dave Delaney

Courtenay RogersThere is a wonderful story written by my friend, Courtenay Rogers, in the Nashville Business Journal. In it she explains how she used Twitter to find a job in less than two weeks. If you are just starting out on Twitter, you likely won't have the same luck as Courtenay did right away. The opportunities will come from building relationships over time. This is a good reminder to be actively building your network now.

In the article she writes:

In an economy where people were unemployed for years, I got a job at Bone McAllester Norton in less than two weeks — all because of Twitter and a digital relationship that led to a real-life opportunity.

Use Listorious to find lists of interesting people on Twitter to follow and start interacting with them today.

Don't forget to connect with me on Twitter @davedelaney. Be sure to follow @courtenayrogers and tell her you saw her story. I am certain she would love to hear from you.

Share your Twitter profile name in the comments, and let's be sure we are all connected there.

Photo from LinkedIn.