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Are You Searching for the Right Work Relationship?

Dave Delaney

Photo from Flickr by: unknownValentine's Day is right around the corner and just like romantic relationships, there are many who are searching for a good work relationship. Dating and searching for a job may not seem to have much in common at first thought, but you might be surprised. There's a bit of a dance to it. It's hard to know just the right thing to say or do that will win a job offer or a date. It's not as easy as having a script. You have to have a good strategy. Sometimes looking at it from another perspective helps. The person who gets hired usually has the right education and experience, but it's almost never exactly what the company states they are looking for in their job post. It often boils down to how the candidate makes the interviewer feel. The person that the hiring manager likes and the person who inspires the most confidence that can do the job is typically the one that gets hired.

In order to find the right partner, you first have to be the right partner.

When you're the one looking, it's hard to put yourself in the interviewer's shoes. How are you coming across in your job search? Would the interviewer describe you as needy? Desperate? Confident? Too passive or too aggressive in your search? Think about your job search strategy. Be proactive and thoughtful by being prepared with research on the company. Know a little something about the person who is interviewing you. Sure, you have to be qualified, but if you give them a good vibe you’ll win the offer. In other words, in order to find the right partner, you first have to be the right partner.

Guest post by Jennifer Way, a national speaker, author and consultant who helps companies and people get more value from their work and career. Check out her blog and excellent job seeker speed dating video.

Photo from Flickr: Musée McCord Museum.