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Why Authors Need to Network with Shel Horowitz

Dave Delaney

Shel HorowitzShel Horowitz is a successful author who has written several books on marketing. He also became an international speaker when he traveled to Switzerland to present at a conference. All of these successes come in part from his active networking online and offline. I asked Shel to share his experiences with each of his three books and how he found his Swiss speaking engagement.

It began with an e-book and a gift... Wiley (Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, 2010): A book contract with a major NYC publisher and a celebrity co-author (Jay Conrad Levinson) arose out of an ongoing relationship with a superstar marketer and best-selling author (Mark Joyner). He ordered a little e-book from me. I recognized his name and sent him a gift copy of one of my business books. He published an essay of mine in one of his books, and  he later offered his contact at the publisher.

How networking with your colleagues can pay off...

Stackpole (Nuclear Lessons, 1980): I was working as a manuscript reader for Richard Curtis, a respected New York literary agent, who had co-authored a book called Perils of the Peaceful Atom. I made it known that his book had been an influence on me when I'd read it as part of a school project. When the Three Mile Island accident happened, he got a contract to revise the book, and he threw it to me. So at 23, I became a published author.

On creatively standing out and not being too shy to introduce yourself...

Chelsea Green (Grassroots Marketing, 2000): I was wearing a t-shirt for my book, The Penny-Pinching Hedonist, while attending Book Expo America. I saw a poster for a book of cartoons on "sustainable hedonism". I went up to the publisher, pointed to my shirt, pointed to the poster, and said, "we have to talk." Six months later, we'd talked our way to a contract.

How Shel ended up in Switzerland...

Someone mentioned on a LinkedIn discussion list that he was on the organizing committee for an international conference on public relations. I pitched him, he took it back to the committee, and I got the gig. I had wanted to broaden my speaking to other countries for many years.

Shel now has too many clients to count...

These have come from: * Participation in discussion lists * Networking at public events * Getting known by industry leaders and being recommended on their websites and publications

Who are other authors you can think of that are effective networkers too?