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HARO - Help Your Network Out

Dave Delaney

HAROOne great way to help your network is to forward them media inquires. I have been subscribed to Peter Shankman's amazing HARO (Help a Reporter Out) email list for a few years. I receive an email three times a day that contains media inquiries for experts on a wide array of topics.

The emails are organized into categories. I read through the inquiries and forward good ones to the applicable people in my network.

Your friends aren't guaranteed to get media exposure from submitting their answers, but if they are selected it's great for their business. Sharing HARO inquiries is also a good way to reconnect with a member of your network who you haven't been in touch with in a while. It's a nice way of saying that you were thinking of them.

Here is an example from Help a Reporter Out:

6) Summary: Women Business Owners using Pinterest

Name: (removed) The Huffington Post

Category: Business and Finance

Email: (removed)

Media Outlet: The Huffington Post

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 30 May


I'm looking for success stories and case studies of female business owners and entrepreneurs using Pinterest as a successful marketing tool.

I'd like to hear about: What is your business about and how did you get started on Pinterest? What you use Pinterest for and how do you organize your boards? Who follows you? How does Pinterest fit into your overall marketing strategy? Anything else you'd like to add. Requirements:

Pinterest users who a women business owners, preferably in the US but international fine too.

What creative ways do you use to help your network?