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How to Manage Twitter

Dave Delaney

I have used plenty of services to manage Twitter over the years. My new favorite is Once you are following a substantial amount of people and have plenty of followers on Twitter, keeping up with everything can get overwhelming. helps you keep track of the conversations and those you communicate with most frequently.'s clean and simple dashboard includes navigation with helpful options for every Twitter user.

Relationships: Get an idea of who you are following and who's following you. This section breaks down high-value members, influencers, supporters, and your engaged members.

Followers: Check out who thinks you should be following and unfollowing. It also shows you who recently followed and unfollowed you. Take this with a grain of salt. Decide for yourself who you should be following.

Groups: Follow all of your list members in this section. You can check up on each list or all list members at once. Lists can get a little disorganized over time, so it's good to have the overview of everyone.

Monitor Engagement: Set up some searches for web sites, search terms, and hash tags.

Discover New Leads: Create three searches to discover people who have similar interests.

More: Currently this section has an option to hide members. If you want to continue following someone but you don't want to hear from them, you can choose to "hide a member".

In addition to these great features, you can hit the Reports section for an overview of your Twitter profile. A free account will show you the last 3 days, but a paid account can reveal your performance over custom dates.

The analytics report includes metrics like: people mentioning you, retweets you have received, total reach, follower growth, most retweeted tweets, and more.

I recommend you check out Let me know what you think of it. Have you found a better Twitter dashboard?