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Heading to New Orleans

Dave Delaney

Photo by evanforester_I am thrilled to be the keynote speaker for the 36th Annual International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans on April 10th. The conference is presented by the American Marketing Association, an organization I hold near and dear to my heart. I am a proud board member of the Nashville chapter. In my book, New Business Networking, I share the story of coming to Nashville from Toronto without knowing a soul. It was the kind people at the Nashville Chapter of the AMA (NAMA) who helped me land on my feet. Networking at NAMA events led to my first job in my new city.

Networking has always been an important part of who I am. I inadvertently became an expert in it without knowing exactly what networking was. When I was a student in Toronto, I had to aggressively network my way in front of senior decision makers to get a job. Eighty percent of positions are not advertised. If you want to be hired, you must learn to network effectively.

[Tweet "80% of jobs are not advertised. If you want to be hired, you must learn to network effectively."]

The same can be said for ambitious, young entrepreneurs. Without a strong network, you will find the journey difficult at best. Strong networks can get your product or service into the hands of the right people and can lead to potential investors and co-founders.

I sympathize with students who are frustrated with the job market. They graduate with stress-inducing debts that need to be paid off quickly. Students are itching to jump start their careers, and I want to help them do it.

My keynote presentation will share techniques and tips to build and nurture a strong network. I'll share examples, my own stories, and effective ways to use social media and events that will lead to a bright career.

Be sure to let me know if you will be there. It's always great to start networking before you attend an event.

Photo by evanforester.