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There is No Such Thing as Luck

Dave Delaney

Saul ColtI first met Sault Colt at the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin in 2008. I was instantly impressed with his quick sense of humor and smart marketing head. I was lucky enough to track him down from his busy schedule as Head of Magic for Freshbooks. I began our interview by asking him where he learned his magic.

S - I am not classically trained like Lance Burton, but I have learned on the job over the last 15 years of perfecting my unique style of Marketing and Promotion.

D - What does networking mean to you?

S - Networking is nothing more than building relationships. Some will be short lived and some will be rewarding, may even lead to opportunities but the goal at the beginning is just to say hello and see if the person is someone you want to chat longer with.

D - What are some mistakes people make when networking?

S - Don't ever empty the fridge! I think of myself as a fridge. You can keep opening me up and taking out drinks or food, but if you never put anything back in the fridge becomes empty.  You get hungry. In other words, make sure you always put back or even add a little food before you take.

My network is my most valued accomplishment.

D - You often carry fun business cards. How can people make their business cards stand out?

S - Standing out is easy if it matches your personality. Your business cards are not only a reflection of you, but they are also the thing that will trigger the memory of you or a conversation from your meeting.  Make sure your cards say about you what you want to re-enforce from your encounter. For me, I want to be thought of as thick, sturdy with lots of color.

D - You know a lot of people. How do you keep everyone organized?

S - My network is my most valued accomplishment. I have met, helped, mentored, hugged, kissed, chest bumped and just bumped thousands of great people over the years, and I am able to remember 90% of them because it's important. I know that isn't the easiest piece of advice to replicate, but it is honest. This is a priority to me, so I work very hard to keep top of mind with people. I'll send notes, postagrams, emails and all sorts of things. In fact, I am having pillowcases made with my face on them, so I can give selected people the thrill and experience of sleeping with me. Keeping your network current, happy and strong is as important as having a network to begin with.

There is No Such Thing as Luck.

D - How do you remember names?

S - Don, I am actually bad with names. I have a great memory for experiences but not names. I will meet people and be able to remind them where we met or vividly describe adventures we shared or what they ordered the last time we ate dinner together, but I will have no clue what their name is so I will call them Chief, Captain, or Boss.

D - Any last thoughts you wish to share?

S - People are the key to everything. Getting out and meeting good folks and letting them get to know you is how you get "lucky", and I don't mean that in the way Fonzie used that term with whatever twins he was taking to Inspiration Point. You see, when people say "How did that person get that break" or job or whatever, it's usually because they worked really hard and happen to know someone who can open a door or just support them. There is no such thing as luck, so go out and meet some people. Be helpful. Don't empty the fridge, and be great...also if you want to be friends with me, feel free to look me up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or my web site: