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13 Networking Tips for Conferences

Dave Delaney

Networking at conferencesI love to travel and speak at conferences. It is something I plan to do much more of in the coming months, in fact, I am speaking at an annual conference today. When I reflect on the growth of my business as a digital marketing consultant, I realize that I would not be where I am now without networking at conferences.

The following are 13 tips I have learned to meet great people and grow my network while attending conferences:

  1. Research who will be there. Does the event have an open RSVP? Is there a hashtag on Twitter you can follow?
  2. Try to set up meetings before the conference. Find the people and contact them before the conference.
  3. Promote that you are attending across social channels.
  4. Bring business cards. Don't be aggressive with trying to hand out and collect as many as you can.
  5. Carry a pen and take notes about the people that you meet. I take notes on the actual business cards as soon as I have a quiet moment.
  6. If you travel, be sure to bring the right accessories.
  7. Introduce yourself to others. Don't be shy. They are there to meet people too.
  8. Make eye contact with strangers and smile.
  9. Listen, don't just talk about yourself.
  10. You won't meet people in your hotel room. Spend down time at the hotel bar, restaurant, or in the lobby.
  11. Go easy on the booze.
  12. Bring mints and gum.
  13. After the event, be sure to email everyone you met. Invite them to join you on LinkedIn too.

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