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How to listen to podcasts

Dave Delaney

I had a podcast in 2005. It took me a while to realize many people had no idea what podcasts were. I believe it was Bob Goyetche who inspired me to start saying that I had an Internet Radio Show instead. Sometimes I would go as far as to add that the show was "on-demand". Fast forward nine years to 2014. I still believe that not everyone knows what a podcast is or how to listen to one. Take my show, New Business Networking Radio, for example. I recently had a comment from someone who found the episode in a blog post but didn't understand how to hear the show. That's my problem, not his. Sometimes what's painfully clear to many of us is still unclear to others - and that's fine. I wrote this post to help you understand how to listen and subscribe to podcasts.

How to Listen and Subscribe to a Podcast

The following are a few ways to tune into a podcast. Once you follow the steps, you will realize it's easy to listen and subscribe to your favorite shows. By subscribing, you will receive the latest episodes automatically.

how to listen to a podcast
how to listen to a podcast

Embedded Player

Most podcasters include a post on their blogs with the show notes for the episode you listened to. These notes include topics that were discussed and links to learn more. The posts usually include an embedded player, so you click the play button and listen right then and there.

The triangle on the left side of the player is a play button. Click it and the podcast will begin. Be sure your volume is up on your computer. You can also click the Play in new window link. This will open the player in a different window/tab, so you can continue clicking the links and the sound won't be interrupted. The Download link allows you to save the podcast episode on your computer to listen to later.


If you own an Apple product like an iPhone, iPad, or iMac, you will likely want to subscribe using this method. iTunes is a music and podcast directory. CLICK HERE and you will find iTune's New Business Networking Radio page. Click the blue View in iTunes button, and iTunes will open up. iTunes can be used on PC computers too.

how to subscribe to a podcast in itunes
how to subscribe to a podcast in itunes

Almost there... iTunes should now be open to the podcast page. Click the Subscribe button, and your device will get the latest episode of the show when it is published.

how to subscribe to podcasts in itunes
how to subscribe to podcasts in itunes

Subscribing is always free. If you enjoy the show, please leave a rating and review in iTunes. Thanks.

how to subscribe to podcasts using Stitcher
how to subscribe to podcasts using Stitcher

Stitcher Radio

If you use an Android device, I recommend using the Stitcher app. Just download the free application for your phone or tablet. Click here and follow the directions

Once installed, you can click this link to find my show. Just press the + symbol, and you'll get new episodes. Don't forget to click the thumb-up if you enjoy the show please.


Now you know how to subscribe and listen to podcasts. I have a collection of my favorite podcasts on Pinterest. Check them out. Don't forget to leave reviews and ratings for the ones you enjoy most.

Leave a comment with your favorite podcasts please. I'm always looking for new shows to check out.