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5 Ways to Listen Better

Dave Delaney

Author Julian Treasure spoke at TEDGlobal in 2011 about ways to listen better. He emphasized that we are losing our listening. "We spend roughly 60 percent of our communication time listening, but we’re not very good at it. We retain just 25 percent of what we hear."

We are doing ourselves and our friends, family and colleagues a disservice by not listening well. Consider Treasure's suggestions the next time you are speaking with someone.

Take the next 7 minutes to watch (and listen to) his presentation, 5 Ways to Listen Better. I have summarized his tips below, but I recommend watching the video to truly grasp his message.


  1. Silence. 3 minutes a day. Use this to reset your ears.
  2. The Mixer. Note how many individual channels of sound you hear in your environment.
  3. Savoring. Enjoy mundane sounds.
  4. Listening Positions. Positions include active, passive, reductive, expansive, critical, empathetic, and many more.
  5. R.A.S.A. Receive. Appreciate. Summarize. Ask.

Are you a good listener?