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5 Ways to Use the LinkedIn Contacts App

Dave Delaney

LinkedIn Contacts appLinkedIn recently introduced it's latest service and app, LinkedIn Contacts (iOS). I have been using it this evening and I'm really impressed. If you have received an invite to try it follow the next steps to begin. Step 1. Install and log in to the app. It's only available for iPhone at this time, but an Android version is coming.

Step 2. Take a tour of LinkedIn Contacts while it imports your connections.

Step 3. Add sources like your phone address book, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, etc.

I found five ways you can use LinkedIn Contacts to improve your networking efforts.

1. Check the To Do section for notifications. These are contacts who have recently changed jobs. Use the app as a way to quickly send a note to congratulate your connection on his or her new gig. It will also let you know who is having a birthday!

2. Are you stranded in a city over night? Or do you have some down time visiting a new town? Use Locations to find connections you have there. Reach out and set up a coffee or lunch.

3. Check the Newly Added section to see your most recent connections. Have you followed up with them since connecting?

4. Use the Recent Conversation part of the app to see who you have connected with recently. Are you due to follow up?

5. Write a private note about a contact. This is perfect after meeting with them in person. Note how you can help them and personal information you learned from your meeting. You can also add how you met in a separate private note, this includes who introduced you.

Have you tried LinkedIn Contacts yet? What do you think?