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The Dead Simple Way to Set and Follow Your Goals

Dave Delaney

NBN Daily GoalsSome people are better than others at setting goals. I'll admit, I am not always great with sticking to my goals. I set goals and misplace where I wrote them, or I'll think about goals and not do much else with the ideas. I've gotten much better over the years at how I handle goals. I find the key thing is to keep your goals in front of you. I'm about to give you a free daily goals document you can download and print. Keep your daily goals on your desk, or taped to your whiteboard or mirror. Put them where you won't forget them.

I read a smart article recently entitled, The Most Important 20 Minutes of the Day by John Meyer. Meyer inspired me to follow his directions of his "8 for the Day" method, which I tweaked for my own document. Meyer recommends committing 20 minutes per weekday to create a list of two personal goals and six business goals, he adjusts it on Saturdays to two business goals and six personal goals. These goals can range from going for a jog as a personal goal to conducting a client call as a business goal. I love this idea and adjusted it for the NBN daily goal document.

Download the NBN Daily Goals

In the New Business Networking Daily Goals, I changed one of the business goals to an introduction. You need to introduce two people in your network each week day. One way to do this is by exporting your LinkedIn connections and reviewing the spreadsheet. Ask yourself who should know one another.

In LinkedIn go to Connections, click the Settings gear icon on the right side, under Advanced Settings select Export LinkedIn Connections. I've included a short video below to help you.

I also included a field for you to write a main monthly goal. Writing your monthly goal each day will help you keep focused. It will also make you question daily goals that are not in sync with what you are trying to achieve.

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